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We produce ammonium- and potassium-based sulfite and hydrogen sulfite solutions. The purity and high quality of our products make them popular base materials for a variety of chemical applications.

In order to best meet your specific needs, we not only modify the parameters of the sulfites according to the needs of your application, but also provide support for your particular processes by providing expert advice and supplying our solutions in a variety of different containers.

Ask us directly about your specific needs. We are more than happy to put our extensive manufacturing and application experience at your disposal.

Product data


  • Ammonium and potassium sulfite (as aqueous solution)
  • Ammonium and potassium hydrogen sulfite (as aqueous solution)


  • Ammonium- or potassium-based aqueous solution
  • Sulfite concentrations according to customer specifications
  • Process suitable pH values
  • Defined densities
  • Supplied in tank truck, IBC, drum or 20 litre canister

Example applications:

  • Caramel preparation in the food industry
  • Water treatment
  • Binding of formaldehyde in chipboard production
  • Anticorrosion agent in offshore oil production
  • Oxidation inhibitor in developer solutions in the photo industry


Sulfites Potassium bisulfit Potassium silfite Ammonium bisulfite Ammonium sulfite
Reducing agent x x x x
Photochemistry (component of fixing agents)   x x x
Food industry x   x  
Timber/cellulose industry   x x