Company history Natural growth in chemical tradition

CWK dates back to 1830 when mineralogist Karl Christian Friedrich Glenck discovered a source of brine near the Pohlitz site. A year later, Saline Heinrichshall opens, the direct predecessor of today's Chemiewerk. Our company is one of the oldest chemicals producers in Germany.

  • 1991 until today

    1991 the Leopold family and Dr. Ottow take ownership of the CWK. Modern industrial park on company premises completed in 1999. Strong start to the new millennium with substantial increases in capacity in molecular sieve (2010) and silica sol (2014) production.

  • 1970 to 1990

    Important foundations laid in the 1970s and 80s for further development in production. CWK takes first crucial steps in researching into zeolitic materials. Ultramodern molecular sieve production plant put into operation in 1989.

  • 1948 to 1969

    CWK converted to state-owned company in 1948, assignment to Bitterfeld combine and in-house research department set up in 1969. Focal shift from sulphuric acid production to silica products starts in 1962.

  • 1872 to 1947

    This period around the turn of the century not only had political challenges, but also after the First World War, the company is sold twice - lastly to Zschimmer and Schwarz OHG in 1927 which provides new investments for CWK.

  • 1831 to 1871

    Saline Heinrichshall opens on August 3, 1831 and expands to become a chemical factory in 1848. The success of the company justifies its conversion into a corporation in 1871.