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Silica gel

Our Köstropur® and Köstrosorb® silica gels consist of amorphous silica with a defined internal morphology / pore morphology and are available with particle sizes ranging from 2 to 25 µm (d50). Our special manufacturing process offers significant benefits, such as high chemical purity and selectively adjustable pore volumes.

Other features, such as surface properties, bulk densities or water absorption capacity can also be adjusted to your requirements.

Choose from our wide range of micronised silicas or let us know your requirements. We will be happy to find the right solution for your specific application.

Köstropur® / KöstroSorb®

To find perhaps the ideal product that suits your application you have two options.

You can use the filter or the table below, to search directly for your application. If you couldn't find your application or a product doesn't meet your requirements or you need a consultation, then please contact our staff who will be happy to help.

Silicia gels Functional
cooking oil
for inkjet
in the plastics
Köstropur® 020508 x x     x     x
Köstropur® W050618           x    
Köstropur® 021012   x     x x x x
Köstropur® 050418   x     x x   x
Köstropur® 050818           x    
Köstrosorb® 1015 x x   x x      
Köstrosorb® 3015/6015     x x        

Product data


  • Pore volume from 0.4 to 2.0 cm³/g
  • Average particle sizes ranging from 2 to 25 µm
  • Residual moisture between 2 and 60% achievable
  • Surface modifications according to customer requirements
  • Sol-gel processes for maximum purity

Example applications:

  • Protein stabilisation in beer
  • Anti-blocking material in film production
  • Matting agents in paints and varnishes
  • Anti-caking agent for powder and solids
  • Coating inkjet paper


The most important properties of our silica gels are encoded in the product name in order to help you find the right product. A 6-digit numerical code is normally added to the Köstropur® trade name as follows:

  • The first pair of digits give the (residual) water content in the product (in %).
  • The second pair of digits represents the average particle size (in µm).
  • The third pair of digits provides information about the specific pore volume (in (cc/g)*10).

The 4-digit code for our Köstrosorb® products refers to the first two properties mentioned: Water content (in %) and average particle size (in µm).